TST Canada – How To Rank #1 in Google 2022?


In the modern technological era, almost every organization has a business website and every business website owner aims on ranking #1 on Google. Having the top website ranking on Google would help you increase traffic, impressions, and the potential of higher revenue generations for your business. A higher ranking on Google would also help your business website to outstand your competitors. TST’s best online marketing strategists in Canada will help your business prepare highly researched business strategies that will help your business website get the number 1 rank on Google.

However, getting a higher ranking on Google is quite difficult. Even the highly erudite and skillful digital marketers struggle on getting the top website ranking for their business. TST’s highly skilled & knowledgeable digital marketers will help you prepare the best strategies for your business that will help you increase the chances of attaining that #1 spot on Google search results.

Let’s check out some key factors on how to rank your website #1 on Google:

1. Establish brand identity:

Establish brand identity

The main part of a successful SEO practice is understanding the competitor’s outlook. As a growing business website owner, it is crucial that you focus on the growth of your business individually instead of competing with your competition. With best SEO practices there are high chances of outranking your competitor’s website, it is vital to conduct a budget-friendly SEO Optimisation for your business website to establish your brand’s identity in the online market. TST’s best website marketing specialists in Canada will help you create your brand’s online identity that will enhance the value of your business website and help it rank number 1 on Google.

2. Make Keywords your website’s companion:

Any website can rank #1 on Google if it contains the right target keywords. TST’s best marketing specialists in Canada believe that if you use keywords that are related to your business you will be able to target the right set of audience and users with real queries would be able to reach your business.

Our team of best SEO experts in Canada will help you shortlist the right set of keywords relevant for your business industry with a decent number of searches by users. Our team of marketing strategists believes that once your website has higher authority with a higher ranking for easier keywords it will be ideal to use more competitive keywords that will acquire more traffic to your website.

3. Obtain links to your website:

Links carry on to play a vital role in terms of SEO optimization of your website. Inbound links are the prime element to attaining a higher ranking on Google. TST’s best digital marketing strategists in Canada have come up with top strategies that will help you acquire more links to your business website:

i) Add your website address to online local businesses directories and online review websites, for instance, Yelp, Google my business, or TripAdvisor. Most people refer to these websites to get a review of online business websites. Having your website on the list could help get more organic traffic for your business.

ii) Customers posting on admired websites in your niche would help you get a lot of traction on your business website and increase ranking on Google.

iii) Create unique content that is related to your business niche. This will help your business get a wider reach due to the high demand for trending articles by bloggers and journalists. Not only this will help you drive more visibility on your website, but this will also help you more revenue for your business.

iv) Locate broken links on other business industry-related websites and replace them with your website’s active links to increase traffic on your website. You can reach out to sites to replace broken links in their content with your website’s relevant active links.

Thus, there is no surefire way to get the number 1 ranking on Google. Although, targeting your audience with the right keywords will significantly improve your chances of obtaining a higher rank of your website on Google. TST’s best Digital marketing team in Canada will help you create and promote well SEO-optimized content for your website to attain rank #1 on Google.

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