Local SEO services: TST is Canada's top-ranked local SEO Platform.

To derive desirable business for your site, our team of experts use the best modern SEO services and techniques. We use quality digital services to back the SEO for traffic and help the vetted keywords rank higher. The long-tail phrases also increase traffic for your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 16 November 2021 15433
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 16 November 2021 15433

Don’t leave any stone un-turned and let the competitors snatch away your opportunity.

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An SEO Platform Knows It All

The truth is you are aware of what you need, but you certainly do not know where to get it from. The marketing team at TST.NET overhear all your concerns.

Let us tell you why you are here:

Well, if we were able to read your minds well, then the above issues are recurring in your business growth journey. But without a doubt, you are in the right space, approaching the correct SEO Platform. Serving hundreds of SEO clients and ready-to-apply solutions for SEO related problems in the Google’s constant changing algorithm has made us capable of being the best SEO Platform so far.

60,000+ Searches Per Second

As the world of SEO, things have changed drastically. In simple terms, only higher ranks do not suffice for the success of a website, but to be able to appear in quick searches and in desired places is important. Our team dedicated for SEO specialises in finding the right keywords for your business and ensures the right amount of traffic for the same.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 16 November 2021 15433

Not only did Dan make it very easy for me, he extended me special care in taking me through the complete process and explained it to me in terms I completely understood. Dan knew I was very nervous about the new design of the site and as a result, not only did he make me feel very comfortable with everything, he made it very easy to understand how to make changes quickly and easily to the site. That really showed he cared about the customer and the job he is doing and that goes a long way with me.

10 Steps To A Successful SEO

Steps 1

Your goals, Our Expertise

Our team who expertise in strategizing SEO plans that help you to define your marketing goals. Our marketing consultants are highly experienced in developing an initial platform for your goals.

Steps 2

Site Audit

A plan proves to be good only if the auditing was done right. We go through all tiny details of your website to gain a better understanding. We try to use your strengths and improve the weak parts with extensive SEO tools. Our priority is to bring out the best in your website with utmost benefits.

Steps 3

Detailed and competitive analysis

Our team of experts keep an ideal check on your competitors to distinguish and compare your propositions. In a way it helps our team to focus on your strengths and stay in the light like your competitors in the industry.

Steps 4

Keyword research

By far the most important and critical step for SEO experts. It determines the customer's choice and their searches on the web. So, an in-depth analysis of useful keywords is done to bring out the best results. Our experts analyse on various aspects like search volume, competition and opportunities and make the best use of keywords tool to find the perfect match for your business.

Steps 5

Setting up a plan for optimization

Our experts are also good at strategizing the plan so that its implementation is done well. It is also one of the crucial steps that let’s the customers find your website when they do their searches in the search engine.

Steps 6

It’s time to implement

Implementation should always be well-planned and decent they say, and our SEO team is a master of implementation. We apply on-page optimization to the website and keep tracking the changes we do. This makes the plan work effectively.

Steps 7

Ranking and monitoring website traffic

Google analytics and search console are the two major metrics used to monitor your site’s performance. The best part is that these two metrics help you analyse every detail and plan future opportunities for the website. It helps us analyse our strengths as well as shortcomings too.

Steps 8

Improve SEO Plans

With all the data about site performances, we quickly improve or modify the SEO plan made initially and better the search engine optimization. Analytics helps us adjust and optimize the site better. This is a great way to convert visitors into customer.

Steps 9

Content Creation and marketing

Content is always in the forefront and helps you attract more customers. So, our content creation and marketing team is expertise in developing engaging content for the visitors which helps them engage with the site better.

Steps 10

On site report and refinement

Our team ensures that the site’s position in the marketplace stays on the top so there is constant check on the site’s performance and reports are made. It checks the overall working of the site and necessary chances are made.

Why TST?

When you begin looking for something, you get that something here at TST.NET

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 16 November 2021 15433
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