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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703

What Is Search
Engine Marketing?

To define the exact meaning of search engine marketing can be difficult because it has different definitions depending on the work and the company you work with.

SEM is defined by the set of tools, strategies and various techniques used to optimize the visibility of the websites and web pages via search engines. To be precise, the goal of SEM is to get your website a better position in search engine on Google and other sites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703

SEM: Basic Concept

SEM is a very wide concept, and it has different to explore. Check out the links of a few articles linked below about SEM methodology to get a clearer idea about this concept.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703


Two game changers in online marketing strategies are the SEO and SEM. Many a times, the literal meanings of both these terms are confusing. The confusion to chose better option for the business and its growth and both these tools are be used to increase traffic and conversions.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703

SEM on Google

A very popular form of SEM is the Google ads. While creating a SEM campaign in google, always remember to go from bring the most general to the most concreate one. Google ads give you a variety of options and structures to experiment with.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703

SEM Campaign

SEM campaigns overlook all the advertising strategies that rapidly escalate new ads in search engines like Google. To increase the positioning a SEM campaign can very easily encompass various ad groups and keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703

SEM Positioning

It is a paid advertising method that is used to increase the chances of gaining better search engine positioning.

Why Use SEM?

SEM Dictionary: Top Terms To Know

Come let’s review the most basic concepts you might want to know from the world of Search engine advertising. We all use Google majorly for most of our searches, so we are also going to base ourselves on the same terms used in google ads.
  1. Keywords: The basis search engine marketing is keywords. They are words or group of words and phrases that will help your ads reach the right users.
  2. Text ad: This is a standard ad type that is flashed on search engines. It has a title, two lines of related text and one customizable link.
  3. Impressions: It is the terms used for number of times an ad is shown.
  4. Clicks: The number of times an ad has been clicked.
  5. CTR: It’s the percentage of impressions that generates a click.
  6. CPC: It is the average cost per click. To save yourself from going over budget, you can define a maximum CPC for the business.
  7. Quality Level: Score of a keyword determined by google along with an ad determines CPC. In simple words, as the quality of your ad goes high, the amount you pay for each click lessens.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 18 November 2021 15703