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A landing page is the first web page any consumer lands on, but speaking in the marketing terms, it’s a standalone page which is entirely distinct from your homepage or other pages. Get entire focus with the purpose of the brand mentioned on the landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

In the Marketing realm, it is a standalone web page that is curated mainly for marketing or advertising purposes and campaign. This is the first page any visitor would ‘land’ on after clicking on the web link through an email or via ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other space in web.

Landing pages are specialised in content that calls for action because it is designed with a single focus or a goal. It is unlike all the other web pages that are made for detailed exploration with various goals.

If you are looking for a great conversation rate of your marketing campaigns, then having a well-curated and focused landing page will do wonders. It also helps in lowering the cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages have a lot of varieties because the most important page for a website should be curated well depending on the business. Here are the two most archetypal types of landing page.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Popularly known as ‘Lead Gen’ or ‘Lead Capture’ pages use a designated form as their call to action. A form that collects all the lead data like names, email addresses of visitors. B2B marketers and companies who sell high-ticket items use such landing pages to build a systematic list to build prospective customers. Most of the times such website offers an e-book or a free webinar in return of gaining contact information. Landing pages for an e-commerce brand is super beneficial to provide the customers special deals or offering shipping facilities.

Clickthrough Landing Pages

Most used by e-commerce websites and SaaS (Software as-a-service) marketers. Clickthrough pages straight take the visitors to sales page or subscription page.  A simple button is applied that takes the visitor to the checkout page (like that of an app store) or directly completes the transaction.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Building a brand and creating a website for yourself is already a great job in itself. The next important step requires you to convert all the hard work into valid sales. One thing that can dedicatedly shoot up your sales is an interesting and detailed landing page.

Landing page helps you drive traffic to the website, improve SEO and build your brand. An effective PPC strategy can also become a part of your website. To generate leads for future conversion from B2B business, 68% business find a landing page is super effective. On a website, 44% clicks go to homepage which is not a great strategy. Having a landing page take you to a specific product, service or any offer that might as well attract customers to act towards it. To create a great customer base, here is an opportunity for you.

Landing pages are necessary but still not many businesses use it. Do you know why? Well, a simple misconception that creating a landing page are hard to create and maintain. This is not true at all. Nowadays, creating landing page is easy and consumers can get what they are looking for.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

To begin with a website’s landing page cannot be the homepage. It is a specific designed page that takes your visitors to different pages and offers you have offered them. This helps them in better navigation and increases your band value. Now since you have managed to keep their attention to a specific, it is likely that the visitor will stay for long time on your website. Here are a few benefits of a good and well-curated landing page

  1. Visitors expect the offers, not company details: One specific reason why visitors land on this page is because of what you have offered them. So, it is necessary to curate the page well with the only important details that will catch their attention and eventually convert into sales. This does not mean you cannot pitch about the brand but make sure it is not detailed but only an extension of your brand to create awareness.
  2. Well-Focused and less distractions: For running a successful landing page, it is important to give specific details that visitors are looking for with an end goal. So, by the time they finish registration, the next step should lead them to make a purchase.
  3. Curated your forms well: Forms are a tricky part on landing pages because long forms can be the reason for any visitor to move away. The shorter the better or break them into different steps. Long forms can be very intimidating and that is not good for the website. To quote an example, break forms into 4 steps and step 1 could be just the name and email ID.
  4. A landing page targets specific audience: A major role played by landing page is segregating the customer base of your website. Targeting a specific customer base with dedicated offers can help the website generate many leads for future. Landing page draws a visitor to a specific
  5. Collection of specific information from prospective customers: There is a reason why we target specific audience right? But it is necessary to collection a little detailed information of these prospective customers. Only their names and email Id’s do not suffice. To make a long-terms connection with any visitors, information of what made them visit your website will be helpful.
  6. Flash your special offers first: Attracting visitors with special offers is a great way to bring traffic to the website. To do so, making a landing page for such offers is always beneficial.
  7. Landing page sends a thank you message: It is always a good gesture when the landing page flashes a thank you message after the visitor finishes the entire registration process.

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