Website Design Packages (CMS & Responsive)

  • Category
  • Features
  • Price Per Month
  • Startup
  • 5 Pages, Wordpress CMS, Mobile Responsive Layout, Contact Form, Google Map, SEO Friendly, Social Media Integration.

    2 Design Concepts, Unlimited Revisions

  • USD 4399
  • Growth
  • 10 Pages, Wordpress CMS, Mobile Responsive Layout, Image Slider, Image Gallery, Contact Form, Newsletter Subscription, Google map, SEO Friendly, Social Media Integration.

    2 Design Concepts, Unlimited Revisions

    + Search Engine Submission

  • USD 8199
  • Premium
  • 15 Pages, Wordpress CMS, Mobile Responsive Layout, Image Slider, Image Gallery, Testimonials, Blog, Contact Form, Newsletter Subscription, Google map, SEO Friendly, Social Media Integration.

    2 Design Concepts, Unlimited Revisions

    + Search Engine Submission

  • USD 12499


  • Seo Packages
  • Features
  • Price Per Month
  • Startup
  • A well-designed SEO plan for beginners with up to 15 keywords plan along with in-depth analysis, google analytics, video promotion and many such services. Our plan is a sign for you to begin your journey with us.

    Title & Meta Tags Optimization, 20 Pages

  • USD 1299
  • Growth
  • Growth is the most essential part and phase of a business. Starting up seems easy but growth varies based on different factors. To help you remove the stagnant phase of your business, opt for our GROWTH SEO package with up to 25 keywords plan. Find a better competitive analysis, best optimization and all kind of set-ups and verification.

    Title & Meta Tags Optimization, 50 Pages

  • USD 2099
  • Premium
  • The word premium is justified in this package because you can find everything that you need in this SEO package. Get up to 40 keywords plan and some key services like logo optimization, google embedded map and a lot more. Get the premium package and see our experts take your business goal to a new height.

    Title & Meta Tags Optimization, Unlimited

  • USD 3399

Social Media Management

Full Coverage For Your Social Media Presence and Growth. Get your brand story out there with highly engaging social media posts that grow your audience organically.



What's Included

  • Industry & competitors research
  • Top notch Social Media strategy
  • Continuous optimization
  • Your Mayple Expert will discuss a budget for post-boosting – For best results, we usually recommend starting with at least $500/mo)



The most effective way to capitalise on the traffic coming to your website through a combination of analytics, behaviour research and continuous testing.




Includes implementation of all recommendations beyond the basic level of analytics, behavior research and continuous testing, to better capitalize on the traffic coming to your website.



NO charge until you approve the marketing plan

NO fees for the set-up

NO commitment, access to monthly subscription

TST’s Top Packages

Tell us your business needs, we have a package for you.

TST.NET specializes in well-curated packages for all kinds of business needs. Right from starting a new website to maintaining a growing the existing one or to work on traffic growth for the site, there is a desired package for every need.

Website Maintenance

In the long run, a well-maintained website will bloom in the market. Get a smooth on-demand website maintenance service here at TST.NET

starting $120/month

Landing Page Design

Landing page is the most important part of the website and first glance for every user. Our experts are here to design a successful landing page.

starting $950

Marketing Creatives

Get started with this unique online marketing field and let our team handle all the technicalities.

starting $950

Marketing Strategy

A dedicated strategy development to take your website higher in search engines.

$2250/one-time payment

Logo / Graphic Design

Design of the website is head turner in this business. Here is your one stop destination to design, develop, host, and maintain your website.

starting $99

Content/Article Writing

A website content defines the purpose of your website in clearer words. So, it is important to have a dedicated team who can curate content based on your requirements.

$250/one-time payment

Email Marketing

An important branch of digital marketing is covered in this package. Increase and expand your business with our Email marketing package.

$680/one-time payment

Social Media Optimization

Social media growth is essential to attract traffic and business on your website. Get your social media optimized by our experts.

starting $1550/month

SEO — Audit

SEO is the game changer for any website. TST experts are here to build your SEO to a new level. Pick this package and see the magic.

$850/one-time payment

We exceed expectations
with every project

For anyone ordering any of our packages, be sure of getting the best results for your website with top notch quality and business opportunities.

Here we have answer to your most common questions.

In case I’m advertising, does the fee include the media cost?

No, the services do not include the media ads cost. The package is inclusive of all professional management of your paid advertising campaigns. There is an additional charge for media advertising that usually starts from “   “ to “    “

Is there any minimum contract time I need to commit?

No, TST.NET is a monthly subscription based service or one time payment for some packages.

What results can I expect?

Right from the first meeting, our team of experts with showcase you the desired benchmark results that can be achieved. It will include defining your marketing KPI’s and they will make sure you have a clearer picture of what results can be achieved with this association.

Do you help me manage my social media pages while running social media ads?

To begin with both are different from each other. Managing social media organically is different from running paid advertisements on social media. Social media management means to handle the ongoing posts displayed on the company’s social media pages whereas in paid advertising, your ads are displayed a pitched to larger audience that is relevant to your business type. Both these have different packages and needs to be chosen accordingly.

Do you have vetted experts experienced in my business niche?

TST.NET has a dedicated process for vetting the experts that are specialized in different business niche. Before selecting any package, we give you the liberty to have a look at the profiles of our vetted experts using the EXPERTS tab on the user page.

How do I know what is the best package for my business?

Our marketing strategists are here to help you selected the best package for your business. Just tell them your goals and let them choose the best for you.

When can I see the results?

All our packages are inclusive of time required in the completion of the project. It usually depends on the total number of pages.

What happens after I order?

When you place an order on TST, one of our consultants gets in touch to discuss about your requirements in detail. Right from your existing business to your design preference, each detail is noted before beginning.

How do you go about designing the website?

After detailed discussion on specific requirements, our team prepares a mock plan that’s non-functional at first. We seek our client’s feedback and suggestions and do the necessary changes before finalizing.

What if I do not like the design at all?

Our team of experts constantly work hard to give you the design of your dreams. So, if you do not like the mock design at all, they are ready to put in extra efforts and understand your preference in detail. They re-work on the designs from scratch.

Who hosts the website?

Some of our plans include complementary hosting for 1 year. The choice of host is entirely on you. You may choose the host elsewhere or request for a separate quote if not inclusive in the plan.

What is included in On Page Optimization?

Each website that we create, work in sync with search engines. We also optimize the website with the right keywords and bring to a standard position where search engines can find your website.

What is essential elements of successful website design?

We at TST.NET work very closely with all the essential elements required to make a website reach its true potential. There are a lot of tools like SEO and more that are incorporated in every website we curate.

What if there are bugs after the site goes live?

We have a great 12 months of support facility after the site goes live. Drop am email at or get in touch with your account manager giving the details of the bug and rest will be taken care by our team.

Our Satisfied Customers

Let us help you take your business to the next level with our proven track record of success. Our team is ready to work with you and help you achieve your goals. Contact your Technical Support Team today!

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