5 Essential Tips – Looking To Get Your Website Added To Google SERP?

Google SERP

SERP or Search Engine Result page is the ultimate game changer in the SEO industry. Any query that is generated by the users or any keyword is searched, that itself generates results and leads. Speaking about the results on SERP, they can be organic or paid per-click results.The Google search engine page is a very competitive space on the internet, and one must put in a lot of efforts to rank the website.

One of the most important motives to start a website is to get it added to the GOOGLE SERP. The sustainability of your website depends on how many leads has it generated. To give your website the desired results, it is important to get your website added to SERP authentically.

There are 5 basic strategies that can be used to rank your website higher on the SERP.

Use of relevant keywords:

Keywords are an important part of any content written on the website. When the keywords chosen to align well with the search of the users, your website will automatically appear higher in the search result pages. So, when you use many keywords, results and outcomes turn out to be better. There are many tools that can help you chose appropriate keywords according to your content.

Make every content informative:

Content is the king and it is important to keep the content very informative for your website to rank on Search engine pages. Keywords play an important role in making your content visible to larger number of audiences. Make sure you create content according to user needs and searches. When the content is user friendly, it is easier to reach to the top of search engine result page. In most cases, informational searches are particularly easier to rank on the search engine result page.

Focus on the On-Site SEO:

Another important factor for website to rank higher is the SEO. If you improve your SEO, the SERP rankings will automatically go up. There can be a few things like improve site’s loading speed and use page metadata to improve SEO strategies.


There are many benefits of link building as it helps the SEO and domain authority of your site. These links will make your website automatically pop-up in searches because google pushes the website to the top with lots of shares and links.

Feel free to run PPC campaigns for transactional searches:

When the above two strategies don’t suffice your goals to take the website higher on search engine results page, then it is time to switch to use PPC as new strategy. PPC means pay per click and this strategy will help you do exceedingly well and tackle competition. If you closely look at the search engine result page, there are a few results at appear above the first ranking website and that is PPC ads. To pick a few, investing in AdWords Campaign or Bing Ads for high transactional keywords who also give a good value to the website.

To help you optimize the website and the content present on the website, it is important to understand and analyse what are the factors that affect the search results. Using the strategies mentioned above, one can land their website on the first page of SERP using organic and PPC content both.

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