Ideas to increase business sales volume and revenue 2021

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COVID-19 has advanced the digital sector and changed the business market significantly. Due to COVID-19, people faced huge losses and this resulted in decrease of the revenue generated by the market. As a business owner you should know that regular revenue is important for a business to grow. Sales is directly related to growth and success of the company. If you also want to boost your business in 2021, Digital Marketing is the option available. There are various services to enhance the sales of your product but choosing the right strategy and sticking to it is extremely necessary.

Here are few ideas to grow your business sales and revenue in 2021:

Social Media Advertisement

Advertisements are definitely the most attractive option. People easily get influenced by watching them. As of now, due to COVID, people are working from home and their major part of the time is spent online. Pop-up advertisements are the best option to attract an audience. Facebook and Instagram provide a business platform to promote and advertise your product. This provides you more opportunities to promote to the customers. Social media provides a direct approach to the customers.

Ask Consumers for Google Reviews

The most neglected but yet the easiest way to attract customers. People these days are very particular about the products they purchase, reading reviews from different people, knowing the details all are part of their research before buying any product. The more is the number of your Google reviews, the customer is more likely to visit your site.
To out rank the competition in the local market, Google reviews always make a difference. Always ask for customers’ reviews, they help the business to grow good and strong.

Chatbots: Online helping hand

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has served as a strong companion as Chatbiots, for sales companies with high lead generation systems have the potential to give quick and accurate help at all levels of the buying process.

Chatbots have made the website user experience seamlessly easy and more efficient. According to online surveys and user experience recorded, chatbots have increased the sales upto 25-30%.

Additional need of CTA Buttons

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that directs the user to do something particular, such as ‘Sign up’, ‘Log in’, ‘Buy now’ etc. CTA buttons guide website visitors through your sales process. These may be found on your blog, product, and about-us pages, among many other spots on your website. Encourage people to join up for your email subscription, get free reports by using CTA buttons.

Email newsletter Subscription

Increasing email followup is an efficient way in itself. Record the visitor’s email id when they visit your site. Send emails of the upcoming offer/discounts/deals. It would work more efficiently if you keep a record of their preference or earlier purchase. The emails should be simple but attractive. It should be more appealing to the receiver (customer), so that at least once visit the site for sure.

Your emails should not be very frequent, else many times it’s seen that people unsubscribe to the newsletters and it results in losing potential consumers. Include CTA links in the mail like ‘click here to avail the offer’, ‘buy now’, etc.

Create a User friendly site

Your site should be very convenient to use for the user. Smooth checkout pages, easy transactions, easily searchable products/services. When the user finds everything on the tip, they would like to explore more and chances are they will suggest it to more people because everyone likes to share their happy experience. It is also necessary that the site is device optimesd, works efficiently on any device laptops, mobiles or ipads.


There are various methods to increase business revenue, but in the case of this COVID pandemic situation, a digital marketing strategy may be a good answer to increase online sales and help the company grow overall. In the usual circumstances, any of the above listed ideas may significantly increase online sales and generate high revenue. By regularly using the methods described here, you may make 2021 your most memorable year yet.

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