How Does Google Search Engine Work? Learn The Basics

Google Search

Google search engine is a very vast domain, known and it uses a complete automated search engine software that does all the job. The genius software known as web crawlers regularly checks the web to search for sites that can be added to the index. This software selects a majority of sites to be added to the index but many sites do not get added manually or get submitted for inclusion. In such a case, the web crawlers do the job and crawl the web to its desired place.

The google search engine works in 3 different stages and following them is the most

essential step in this process.

1. Quick web-crawling- The most effective way of picking websites and adding them to the google search engine index is crawling. The crawlers are an advanced program wherein they search for pages that are new and update them in the search engine’s database. The Google engine stores the web addresses or URLs in a list. Google finds pages trying various methods, but crawling is one of the most effective methods to find new websites and add them to the list.

Quick web crawling

2. Indexing- This is the next important step after crawling. Once the process of crawling is done, google automatically visits these pages that web crawlers have selected and starts the process of analyzing the pages and their details. Things google analyses are images, texts, content, and video files on a page and make its database. It tries to understand the details of each page stored by web crawlers. All the information is then stored in google index, which is a huge database stored in computers.

Google Indexing and ranking


3. Best search results- Whenever there is a search on the google search engine by a user, Google is determined to provide them the best results with great quality. Now to consider any result ‘best’ many varieties such a location, device, language and all the previous queries made by them. All the website rankings are done organically by google according to its algorithm. No paid rankings are done by google. Every user will have a different user experience based on the user’s previous searches and set location. The search results may not necessarily be the same for everyone.

Google gets its results from many sources destined to bring tons of information for its database. Some of the most common sources are-

1. Web pages
2. All the user-submitted content like in Google’s my business or maps.
3. Entire public databases are available on the internet.
4. Book scanning and more.

Some of the most useful tips to understand Google search engine-

1. Use a website that is mobile-friendly and loads fast.
2. Build a website with useful and meaningful content.
3. Make regular updates on the websites.
4. Make use of more text than images to portray your content.
5. Follow all guidelines laid by Google search engine to be beneficial by it

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