Digital Marketing, a term that we have heard more than we heard our names, especially in the previous decade, accompanied by pandemic and post-pandemic era. But what exactly is Digital Marketing? Why is the demand for Digital Marketing seeing a surge, and what is happening with our market when digital marketing is expanding like never before?

What do you call when you’re promoting something using the internet? When you’re surfing the internet, and you suddenly see an advertisement pop-up, that is what Digital Marketing is— to engage with a more extensive set of audiences and promote products.  


As the usage of mobile and technology has grown, so has the digital marketing field. Here are few reasons how has digital marketing changed offline marketing:

  • No one now goes door to door with pamphlets. You haven’t seen Amazon or Flipkart coming to your door to tell you there is a sale on this Independence Day, but you have seen them popping up when you’re surfing through a news article or Facebook feed, etc. 
  • As time passed, technology has developed, leading to change in ways of selling content. There are multiple ways of doing digital marketing. Some choose to come when you’re watching YouTube or your TV, some decide when you’re doing an assignment, and some choose to come when you’re reading this! Isn’t that wonderful? It is. Digital Marketing is itself a wonderful thing developed.



What do we know about start-ups, enterprises, new and old businesses in that they have reduced their offline marketing budget but have multiplied their budgets for digital marketing? The question comes why, why do companies pay so much for popping up anywhere? They’re putting up so much because this whole digital thinking is doing wonders.

  •  Wide Reach of Audience The wonder does increase reach, either it is globally, domestically, or locally. Might you have seen Zomato ads coming up or better their Emails? This is a way to increase their reach. Their reach helps them to gain more customers
  • Cost Effective

You don’t look for clothes on your mobile, and you don’t pay for your mobile’s food. No one does. All you do is get a recharge and viola. Digital marketing does its magic, and it is there on your screen showing you things endlessly-tirelessly, 24 by 7. What do you call it? This is not less than any magic.

  • Strong Customer Connection

Have you ever had a chit-chat with a bot or a robot, saying, Hi, I’m here to help you, and you do seek help whenever you’re planning to buy or anything? This helps get a strong connection with the customer, and customers, in return, get fast service, which you do appreciate being a customer. This makes a customer loyal to the enterprise.

Why do we need to keep up with Digital Marketing ?

To keep the market going, one needs to sell products and promote their products, and the best and most efficient way to do that is through digital marketing. Digital Marketing has the essence of the market. Why shall we keep it up? What will be our profit?

  •  High Competition

First thing first, let us say there are two companies; Amazon and Flipkart. Both of them sell identical products, and neither of them wants to incur losses. Loss in business means a lot to the firms. Hence, digital marketing helps firms to keep the market going in this competitive era.

  •  Convenient for buyer and seller 

Would you instead choose a path with stones and shrubs, or will you choose the road that has green plants, trees and is well vented? The second one is right, but why? Well, because it is convenient for you. Similarly, to keep going, you choose suitable and digital marketing to pass the way it is. It is convenient for both the selling party and the buying party. For companies, it is cheaper than any other method of marketing, and for consumers, it is handy.

  •  More Potential towards sale

Digital Marketing has the highest potential to reach an audience, anywhere-anytime. While they’re on anything, you’ll find companies promoting themselves to you. As more modern consumers are going digital, there is no point in sending a Sales Representative to someone’s doorstep to buy a product.  Digital Marketing does that!

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