How can TST help you increase your E-commerce sales?

In the Modern technological era, E-commerce has absorbed a higher share of the retail pie and digital marketing plays a vital role to attract more people.

TST understands the basic objectives of your business and provides excellent service that will enhance your E-store’s online marketing and sales.

With an active experience of 20+ years in the field of E-commerce brand marketing, TST brings you the best marketing strategist who will help you plan the best model of your business’s successful conversions.

We are here to ensure that there is no compromise in our quality & we can provide a comfortable work experience with an assured increase in your E-commerce sales.

Let’s understand some of the key measures to increase eCommerce sales through the insights of TST:

E-commerce increase-sales

1. Set up shopping on Instagram:

According to recent statistics, Instagram has ranked 4th amongst the most used Social Media Platforms worldwide with more than 1 billion active users daily and 50% of them are following online businesses.

Hence, it makes a huge opportunity for an E-Commerce business to reach out to a wider set of audiences worldwide.

TST helps you set up your business account on Instagram and integrate your product catalog with your business profile on Instagram which will allow you to advertise your products directly to the active Instagram users via your posts/stories/reels in the ‘Explore’ tab.

You can also add a ‘Shop’ Call to action on your Instagram business page to drive conversions through your profile page.

2. Amplify your Email Marketing Game:

Email marketing campaigns have become one of the most crucial parts of every business’s sales funnel and digital marketing strategy. E-mailers help inform customers in a direct and cost-efficient way.

TST will help you set up your email marketing campaigns and establish strategies on how to promote your business through the medium of E-Catalogues, business newsletters, etc to enhance your eCommerce sales success through email marketing.

3. Target interested shoppers via Google ads:

Google Shopping ads campaign is the key to making an impact on your eCommerce store.

These campaigns allow you to endorse your products at the highest ranking on the top of the Google search results Page for the top interested online buyers.

TST will ensure that your ads will run on a cost-effective budget basis and will help you provide the best strategies to enhance your online sales by introducing innovative marketing techniques to outstand your products from your competitors on the basis of product images, prices, offers, and other information that will attract customer attention.

4. Add more videos

Not all products require video advertising, but if you have a special product that has a high potential of increasing your sales then there is nothing better than to showcase it in action.

TST understands the importance of video advertising, especially on social media channels and on business websites, as a product video polishes the Customer’s confidence in the brand purchases and helps increase sales more successfully.

5. Win Customer’s confidence in your Brand

TST understands the importance of customer satisfaction and encourages a brand to take their customer reviews so that all the future marketing and sales strategies are built around the Customer’s valuable feedback.

If a customer is happy with your product or service then you can always ask them to share their thoughts on their social media channels by tagging your business profile, this is a great way to get your brand recognized at a larger scale and drive higher sales possibility through your Customer’s positive feedback.

TST will help use Customer feedback videos as fresh content for your social media channels to drive traffic to your eCommerce store and enhance your sales success rate.

Most businesses opt for an influencer marketing technique to increase their sales through the ultimate strategy of word-of-mouth through customer reviews.

Thus, there are many more ways to enhance sales of your eCommerce brands & we shall use them all to create content and establish marketing strategies for your brand. TST believes in innovation and success and will ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of our service. We are here to ensure your brand’s success with the best strategies in the market that will increase the chances of higher sales and brand’s visibility

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