Google Search Algorithm and Ranking System Explained By TST Industries Expert

Google Search Algorithm

Google search algorithm is a compound system that assists Google to find and rank the most relevant web pages of your website for the search query raised by the users. These query systems comprise multiple algorithms which consider factors including quality, relevancy, and the utility of your website. Every digital marketer, SEO expert, and content marketing specialist aims on resolving the mystery of Google’s search algorithm. TST’s best digital marketing specialists will help you understand the key aspects of understanding the processes of the Google algorithm and how it helps analyze your website ranking on Google search results.

Google algorithm process has three main stages. Let’s take a deep dive into these stages:

1. Crawling webpages:

In this stage, the Google bots crawl through the Web checking out new or updated web pages. The more links your page has, the easier it becomes for Google bot crawlers to locate it. Web pages are needed to be crawled by these bots in order to rank higher. TST’s best SEO experts will help you mold your website that will allow Google crawlers to locate your website and explore your web page URLs and content relevancy.

2. Website indexing:

Google’s next stage is conducting an analysis of each updated web page URL and understanding the crux of your website vision. It examines your website by checking out your content, images, and other media available on your web page and store this information in the consolidated database called Google index. TST’s leading marketing professionals believe that it is crucial to have your website’s site map, headers and tags are configured properly to enhance the chances of generating a higher ranking on Google search results.

3. Ranking your webpage:

The final stage is to identify how relevant and helpful these web pages are for your audience’s search query. TST’s best SEO experts consider this step to be the core stage where the Google algorithm chimes.

Let’s check out some key factors that Google takes into account to determine your website useful and how these factors can be applied to your business website:

1. Meaning and vision of the search query:

This factor plays a vital role in the clarification of the meaning and intent of the query raised by the users. Google search algorithms are programmed to relate how your website’s vision is valid according to the search query raised by your users.
TST’s best digital marketing experts believe that your website content should contain all the similar keywords you intend to target and is relevant in the eyes of Google algorithms. Our team of best SEO experts will help you prepare the best strategies to enhance your website quality in the eyes of Google algorithms.

2. Improving Relevancy of your website:

Once the Google algorithm has understood the intent of the query raised by the user, it will check out the Google Index database to determine which webpage offers the best relevant solutions to it. TST’s leading SEO specialists believe that On-Page SEO plays a vital role here as one of the most common signs of relevance is of your website page consists of similar keywords as per the search query.

Further on, Google executes the ‘AAID’ (Aggregated and anonymous interaction data) procedure that allows it to explore the relevance of your web page deeper, regardless of basic keywords mentioned on your website. TST’s leading marketing specialists will ensure to establish an article/blog beyond your keyword, to ensure that your website content is relevant to the search query raised by the audience and improve the chances of generating more traffic.

4. Enhancing User Experience:

Google algorithm thrives on promoting more useful web pages over lesser ones, especially where it determines ‘constant user pain points.

TST’s best SEO specialists believe that the Google search algorithm gives preference to websites that match the key criteria of having Higher Loading Speed for your website.

Websites that load and appear quickly in several web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and are well suited with various digital devices of all types and sizes (i.e Mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.), regardless of user’s low Internet speed, have a higher chance of getting the top rank on the Google search results.

Google gives a fair warning to webmasters regarding any key updates that may occur and provides various tools to help them improve their website’s user interface and performance.

Thus, to achieve a higher ranking for your website it is crucial to crack the mystery of the Google algorithm. Contact our team of best SEO specialists who can help you mold your website in accordance with the standards of Google algorithm and achieve a higher ranking on Google search results.

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