Google My Business: Changing the Face of Online Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is essentially one of the most helpful tools by google made available for free which helps every business owner improve the online presence in the search engine. This tool helps in growing the business portfolio and its utilities.

How to optimize google my business profile?

Before we get into how to optimize a business profile, it is important to know why we should optimize our profile.

  1. A well-optimized profile has a higher rate of customer retention.
  2. It also has better engagement than others.
  3. Google helps users or customers search your business easily via the most searched keywords.
  4. It also helps to boost your local ranking.

Ways to Optimize a Google My Business profile-

Optimizing your business profile will help you improve sales and retain the already existing ones.

First, create a Google My Business account-

To begin with, a google business profile is not as same as a google business account. A business account helps you to unlock the tools for better optimization of your business profile. So first one must make google my business account to connect it with your business profile.

1. Write details in every section-

Google’s business profile becomes extraordinary when the entire profile is complete. This benefits your account in two ways. Firstly, increase your chances to rank higher in google search results and second is to bring customer attraction to the profile.

Here are a few suggestions you need to prioritize your profile with-

– Name
– Address for communication
– Contact details
– Website
– Working hours

Next set of details you need to put efforts on-

– Business category and its attributes.
– Mention products and services
– ‘From the business’ details

– Q and A (Questions generated by owner)

Other sections-

– Posts
– Customer reviews
– Q and A (Generated by consumers)

2. Contact details information is critical

A few things to keep in mind while adding your contacting details are as follows-

– Make sure your business profile name matches your business entity.
– Your business name and address should match across the web while listing.
– Write down your regular and holiday hours both to give a clear picture to the customer about your working hours.

3. ‘From the business’ section-

The general description that is given by google is not under your control. But this section called ‘from the business’ can be edited according to your choice. Write a detailed description here. This section appears before in the lower part of your profile. Use all 750 characters while writing and put essential information in the first 250 characters to optimize your profile better.

4. Pick a category-

Defining a category for your business profile is important because it helps Google to recognize your business and rank in the searches. One should also highlight category-specific features but don’t over them.

5. Add pictures-

On google my business profile, adding pictures makes it look more credible, enhances quality, increases engagement, and gets the best results through the image. Google has advanced technology to recognize images and include them in local results.

6. Put relevant attributes-

To describe your profile in a better way, add a few attributes that define your business. For example, Dine-in, Takeaway, free Wi-Fi, etc.

7. Google reviews-

Customers google reviews are important for customer retention and more flow of customers. Ratings and reviews help one customer choose your profile over others.

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