Digital Agency v/s Freelancer – What Would You Choose?

digital agency vs freelancer

Marketing services are an essential part of any business, start-up, website, or any other genre of business. Every day there is a new addition in the marketing arena and as a business entity, it gets tough to keep up with the new marketing trends. That is when it is important to have an external source to handle your marketing requirements. The question is whom should you choose? A digital agency or a freelancer?

Let’s begin with who is a Freelancer?

Freelancer, also known as independent marketing consultants works at their own convenience and chose where to work depending on their acquired skills. A freelancer can have many marketing skills, but they could be limited marketing skills. It is unfair to expect one person to do all the job, but they are reliable, affordable, and have higher chances of availability when required.

A digital agency-

The digital agency is an entire team of marketers who either work full-time or work on a contract basis. An agency has many people associated with them with different niches to work. In a digital agency, you will find various marketing professionals working for one firm that helps a client choose the services they would require.
To make the right choice between a Freelancer or digital agency, it is important to see the pros and cons of choosing them.


Pros- A freelancer is well-skilled individual who has vast experiences be it working with a big company or working on small projects. They are learners from the beginning because every freelancer has self-started the career. You can easily find a freelancer for your project because they are very clear about what skills they possess and how much work they can take at a time.

Cons- Finding the right freelancer is time-taking because it is tough to find one person with all required skills. You would have to keep looking for more than one freelancer to do the needful. This takes a lot of your time since you must explain the entire business strategy and vision to a new person.


Pros- Ina digital agency you can find many professionals at once place, and you are not required to repeat the entire business goal that you expect from marketing. Being from a team, all of them will be working together and be on the same page.

Cons- Since it is an agency of marketers, you do not have the liberty to choose your marketer. It is always picked by the managers of the company after checking the amount of work and size of the business. This could affect the kind of marketer you will work it.

There is some more difference between the two for example a freelancer can make your project a priority because they have fewer projects in hand at a time. This is not the case with digital agencies. They need to choose their priorities intelligently.

So the best way to choose the correct marketing person is to first make a list of things to be done, speak to both and then decide.

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