Basics of Online Reputation Management In Digital Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is an important part of digital marketing that helps any business enhance user experience and grow customer retention power. The online reputation management rightly influences what type of information people will get to see about your business. If ORM is used well with right techniques and strategies, it will help you push down all the unwanted, harmful, and damaging content in the Google search engine result page and promotes your content above those. This is a great tool to give you the desired place in the google search engine page.

Online reputation management is used to manage negative reviews on the business along with managing the content in search engine. The ORM includes encouraging happy customers to write good positive feedback about the experience with the business. This helps build a positive outlook for your business too.

It is very important to keep a check on your online and offline reputation. Here is a detailed guide of how to use 4 channels of digital marketing that will help you with the ORM.

1. Paid media- This is the most common channel of ORM is paid media it requires you to make payment to feature your business on various platforms and networks. There are many ways to do paid media like advertising in google AdWords, Facebook ads, and the new way of marketing that is adding sponsored posts in influencer industry. Paid media is a great way to build your reach and find new customers for the business.

2. Earned Media- This is an organic way of spreading your business and the entire coverage of the business in the external web space without paying anything for promotions. Now this requires you to be better than the competitors in the industry.

3. Social Media- This channel plays an important role in increasing traffic and interaction for your business. Having a social presence is just an extension of the brand that helps create its awareness in the industry. Keep your profile active, interact with new and old visitors to help your business grow.

4. Owned properties- All the online mediums like website or page or blogs are entirely owned by you, and it is said that when you own many different properties online, the chances of your business flourishing are also high. But every property should have a distinct variation in its working.

How to manage Healthy online reputation?

1. Chose what your Online reputation must be-

First step is to decide what should your ORM be? Whether you want to be known as industry expert or a market leader or want people to know about your excellent services.

2. Assess your present ORM-

The best way to begin is to assess where does your ORM stand. It important for you to take feedback about your business and what people think about it? It is important to check whether your online presence matches your offline reputation.

3. Switch to google alerts-

Google alerts is a great way of tracking new customers and that helps you increase your interaction. Here you can also keep a close check on new industry trends and competitors.

4. Make a good social media strategy-

To make sure you are on your top game when it comes to social media, have a detailed social media strategy for your business. First identify your social media goals, work on a strategy, and then work on implementation of the strategy on all the social media channels.

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