6-Month SEO Strategy: How to create a 6-month SEO plan?


An SEO strategy is a pathway to increase traffic on your website through the process of arranging your web content in a way that can increase the organic reach by utilizing key metrics that will help enhance the prospects of your content appearing in the audience’s search options.

It is crucial to have an SEO plan as it assists you to stay on track during the creation of your content. It helps filter out the wants of a customer and how you can reach out to them by creating content which they are actually looking for.

In content marketing, an SEO strategy acts as a map that helps a customer reach the right website. If your website’s content is scattered or disordered, search engine bots won’t be able to provide clear information to the customer about your website. Thus, it is critical to maintaining your website content.

Let’s understand a few more steps to help you with the process of How to create a 6-month SEO plan that will benefit your business reach:-

1. Prepare a list of Topics:

Make a list of the top ten words that are related to your business. Use your SEO tool to analyze these words, determine their search volumes and form variants that are more related to your business ideation. By doing this, you are adding these topics to popular short keywords that will enhance your reach, without having written any blog on each keyword.

2. Prepare a list of long-trending keywords based on those topics:-

In this step, you will have to begin enhancing your page for specific keywords. For each topic you’ve recognized, use your SEO keyword tool to pick out 5-10 long-trending keywords that deeply analyze your original topic keyword.

3. Create separate pages for each topic:

Now you will be using your key topics to build a page or a post that will provide a deep overview of your topic, that will contain the long-trending keywords identified by you in your previous step. This will enhance the probability of customers finding you in search engines, regardless of keywords used by them.

4. Establish a blog:

Blogging is the key to a successful ranking of keywords and attracting customers to increase your website traffic. While creating a blog, do not include your identified keywords more than 4-5 times as Google considers usage of the same keywords too many times, a fraudulent activity, for which you can be Penalized too.

5. Create a compatible blogging schedule:

Bombarding customers through back-to-back blogs could decline the chances of your website’s success. With that note, always ensure to blog at a frequency of once a week, this will help provide precise time to the business to analyze the performance of each blog efficiently.

6. Form a link tree:

In this step, you have to create a link-building strategy. Link building is the procedure of attracting in-bound links to your web page from various origins on the web. As sites that provide back-linking to your web page have higher chances of improving your website’s ranking.

7. Effective measurement & tracking of your website’s success:-

After following all the above-mentioned steps, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the growth of your website through your quality content.

Search engines ranking could be a challenging activity, but with an effective strategy, the goals can be achieved easily. Hence, following the above-mentioned steps can help you understand the crux of creating an effective 6-month SEO plan

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